• Consolidate your hydraulic control system.
• External connections are minimized.
• External leakage is virtually eliminated.
• Reduced installation time and system maintenance.
• 100% circuit logic and function tested.
• New “FastTrak” service for quick delivery of a working prototype block

Cartridge valves in custom manifolds offer several advantages to the machine designer:
System manifolds “clean up” machine plumbing. They are designed to meet the needs of the machine, rather than the machine being designed to meet the needs of the fluid power system. Installation costs are usually dramatically reduced.

Leaks are stopped. Manifolds with O-ring fitting ports eliminate external leakage, which frequently prohibited the use of hydraulics in many applications.

Downtime and service of integrated circuit manifolds is reduced to seconds. Components can be changed without disturbing plumbing or unstacking tie rod-type hardware.

Integrated hydraulic circuits can be centralized on a machine, or strategically scattered to optimize plumbing logistics. There is no universally-right method for installation. Cartridge circuits in custom manifolds offer unequalled flexibility.
HydraForce is both a supplier of custom integrated circuit manifolds and a supporter of our Distributors and customers who design and fabricate their own manifolds.

HydraForce System Manifolds
Our custom integrated manifolds are the highest quality in the world.
Manifold surfaces are fly-cut to assure squareness and exact sizing where precise location control is required.

Every manifold supplied by HydraForce goes through a minimum of four cleaning and deburring operations, including thermal-deburring.

All aluminum manifolds are anodized for cleanliness, added surface hardening, and corrosion resistance. Ductile iron and steel manifolds are zinc plated.

A customer/product-specific assembly control plan and an assembly drawing are prepared for every manifold product.

Every U.S. manifold is hydraulic function tested to a documented customer/product-specific test procedure. Manifolds produced at our U.S. and U.K. facilities conform to the requirements of ISO 9001 and QS 9000 Certified Standards.

HydraForce will mount customer specified fittings or other components not of our manufacture on request where feasible.

Support Services to Manifold Makers
HydraForce is pleased to offer assistance to local integrated circuit designers and suppliers.
HydraForce offers our AutoCad-based library at nominal cost to users of our hardware. The library includes product shapes, circuit symbols, cavities, ports, and many other features which facilitate manifold design or service documentation. In addition, the library can be translated into other formats to be read into other CAD software.

HydraForce Certification. Any manifold supplier may request an audit by HydraForce as a step to formal HydraForce Certification as a qualified producer. Candidates will be required to demonstrate standard procedures utilizing advanced quality planning concepts, SPC, gauge and equipment management systems, manifold assembly control plans, etc.

Cavity Forming Tools. We inventory standard general-purpose tools which are suitable for limited production of aluminum or steel blocks. High production carbide-tipped tools are available on special order. We offer these tools at nominal cost and are pleased to supply tool drawings on request at no cost.

Manifold Accessory Hardware. We are pleased to provide our customers with a variety of associated hardware, commonly used in custom integrated manifold design, often difficult to obtain cost-effectively in lower quantities: Pressed-in plugs; SAE and NPTF plugs; Orifice discs; Cavity plugs; Screen cartridges.


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